A story of redemption and personal triumph inspired by the life of Paul.

Paul comes from a wealthy Jewish Chicago family of renowned commercial developers. His mother endured physical/sexual abuse from her own father, and projected her hatred of men onto Paul from the moment he was born. She had the money to convince two mental institutions, during the ages of five and seventeen that her son was unstable. The great irony here is that while she received accolades in the Chicago newspapers for all of her philanthropic work on the outside, she ignored the suffering of her son who was at the mercy of Dr. Bettleheim, an Auschwitz survivor who tortured and abused the young charges he was supposed to be helping at the Pritzker Center for Children. While at the Pritzker Center, Paul struggled to overcome the rampant emotional, physical and sexual abuse in order to “get better”, so he could return home. However, due to his ever-increasing resistance to his incarceration and their inability to diagnose him with any disorder, they released Paul three harrowing years later to his family.

As his mother became increasingly more emotionally unstable and his father more physically abusive with him, Paul retreated into his personal “asylum” provided by the music he loved, that took him, if only briefly, away from the abuse he received daily. Yet, acting out for the love he so desperately wanted and needed, Paul’s parents once again discarded him off to the notorious Constance Bultman Wilson Center for Adolescent Psychiatry and Education, where he met his friend Dan. Populated mainly by children of the elite, pawned off for reasons of convenience, along with the criminal youths the state paid to keep off the streets, the center was a farce set up by Dr. M. Robert Wilson, simply to line his pockets and feed his deviant needs. Paul spent another three long years “inside”, waiting as he confronted the same nightmarish circumstances he did as a child at Pritzker, as well as many others, that no child of any age should ever have endured. All of this occurred, with no diagnosis, no valid reason for the incarcerations, other than for his parents to rid themselves of him.

At age seventeen, Paul sought legal assistance to liberate himself from the institution and to live on his own. He went on, attending and graduating from college, starting his own music business, and becoming a successful member of society. Unfortunately, when Paul discovered his close friend Dan, having committed suicide with an overdose of heroin, he fell into a bout of depression, challenges with anger, guilt and issues of abandonment. Abandonment and the lack of love, is at the core of Paul’s story. That all changed with the birth of his son and the love of his girlfriend. This is truly a story where love and a new family have the power to heal; it is a story of redemption and personal triumph!

Getting this story out to the public will further the redemption and dispel the ridiculous notion that his parents were kindhearted philanthropists, bent on helping others.


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